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Our world faces problems, both present and emerging, that must be addressed. Some of the most pressing global issues are:

  • Unemployment/underemployment
  • Water crises
  • Severe income disparity
  • Failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Greater incidence of extreme weather events (e.g. floods, storms, fires)
  • Global governance failure
  • Food crises
  • Failure to educate and prepare future generations  

The Revolution Herald Project knows that the best way to address these problems, both at home and abroad, is to inspire the American People to restore our schools, one student at a time. Please watch the following video by clicking the image below:


The Future of Learning – 2 Revolutions Video


Early College and Career Options (ECCO) High School in Eugene, Oregon partners with leaders, organizations and businesses around the country to prove that students (and others) rise to challenges that are relevant, rigorous, meaningful and productive when presented with projects and opportunities that require imagination, passion and teamwork. Please watch a short video introduction by clicking the logo below:

Early College Logo

Early College and Career Options High School – Video Introduction


Beginning in October, ECCO High School implements Exploring Computer Science – a focused curriculum, developed by University of Oregon professor Joanna Goode – that teaches the creative, collaborative, interdisciplinary, and problem-solving nature of computing with instructional materials that feature an inquiry-based approach to learning and teaching. As part of this course, students will delve into real world computing problems that are culturally-relevant, and address social and ethical issues while delivering foundational computer science knowledge to students.

It is important to note that ECCO High School is on the leading edge of the Early College movement which is rapidly gaining momentum across the country. Early Colleges realize that it is critical to innovate in accordance with our needs and times, and that means encouraging schools to prepare students for a wider spectrum of experiences outside of academia.


Exploring Computer Science provides opportunities for students to participate in several in-depth projects to demonstrate the real-world applications and importance of computing, but ECCO High School and our incredible partners are taking these opportunities to a completely new level to capture the hearts and minds of our young colleagues in the mission to improve the world in the 21st century. Examples of projects involve:


The Arcimoto Electric Vehicle – Inspiration


The Arcimoto Idea – Short Video Introduction

  • We then incorporate state-of-the-art water filtration technology, developed by our partners and mentors at AquaDrop, into the SRK-DN for the purpose of introducing these groundbreaking technologies to the people who need them most in distressed regions around the world. This concept vehicle provides much more than efficient and fun transportation – it purifies the most essential resource we have – water. We are working closely with Oregon State University and several other pioneering leaders in the 21st century sustainable technology industry to find new ways to reach communities in distress and aim to take our students on humanitarian journeys of exploration and friendship.

AquaDrop – Water Purification Technology

  • Students have numerous opportunities to work with some of the most brilliant leaders in sustainable agriculture, organic gardening and farming, homesteading, food preservation, environmental activists, archaeologists from around the globe and leading thinkers who are closer to hand than some believe.
  • One of our favorite projects is the tiny homes program. Students will learn a great deal about various methods of sustainable, alternative and traditional shelter design, construction and finish work. We explore limitless ideas when it comes to of tiny dwellings and structures, temporary shelters,  ingenious ways of living in luxury while keeping it simple. Our partners provide incredible access to the latest eco-friendly and affordable alternative building materials, appliances, and finishing techniques. 
  • Students will emerge from this program with a careful understanding of 21st century technology infrastructure including organic food production and preservation practices, environmental restoration, geothermal science, home rehabilitation, school restoration and community building in both urban and rural contexts.
  • Our teachers and instructors at ECCO, Lane Community College and The University of Oregon offer first-class computer science education that focuses on equity and re-branding for the 21st century so individuals from all backgrounds (and both sides of the gender divide) feel welcome in this highly exciting field with so many possibilities and endless pathways.
  • This project is the focus of a documentary film project that aims to reach and engage as many people as possible. We release behind-the-scenes footage and student announcements throughout the year on a regular basis. We aspire to capture the unfolding story of our partnerships with businesses, mentors, families, community organizations and leaders representing both industry and peaceful political platforms that support alternatives to antiquated 20th century methods and addictions. We want to help communities all around the nation (and world) to join our cause such that they may replicate our successes and learn from our miss-steps.



Each unit begins with a description of the topic, an explanation of the importance of this topic, possible social applications of this topic, and objectives for the unit. Our program launches this October. Stay tuned for more details as we chronicle our journey at every stage right here at Revolution Herald. 



Teacher Comments
8th Grade Perspective
ECS Syllabus Draft
Exploring Computer Science Curriculum
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  1. You are doing a fantastic job here compiling all of this information into a forum that is easily teachable as well as informative AND entertaining. I am pleased to have caught you in the beginnings of what is a beautiful and inspirational project. Thank you for putting your time and energies into making it easier for people like me to convey and retain these truths and not become confused by traditional and current social and political norms. I endeavor to live as simply and as honestly as possible and it is great knowing that there are others out there doing the same. Thanks again.

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