Coexistence 101



  • Students flagged by cohort as at-risk to struggle in Core
  • Core students who meet criteria outlined in section below
  • Past students seeking support (depending on space and ECCO needs)

Intervention Selection Criteria & Protocol:

  • Lack of engagement
  • Progress reports and past context
  • Credit earned & patterns
  • Thursday class with Jenn
  • Attendance
  • Problematic work completion
  • Chronic oppositional

Intervention Options:

  1. Teacher checks. Students of concern reported at case conference.
  2. Intervention:
    1. Coexistence 101 (Tim) dealing with academic engagement issues.
    2. Jenn for mental health
    3. Jen for IEP
  3. Administrative Review with Brad. Determines: 
    1. Level of improvement
    2. Continue at ECCO
    3. Referral to another location.

Future Steps (Next 6 Weeks):

  • Today: Generate list of students based on progress report projections and teacher recommendations while using term 2 as background data
  • Use term 2 credit list as background data and remove students who turned things around. (next week)
    • How does attendance align?
    • How many students turned around?
    • Study timelines and context to determine best path forward
    • Build additional context
    • Study real-time context
  • Determine success each week at case conference to evaluate improvement based on: 
    • Classroom habits and behavior
    • Work effort and quality

Coexistence 101 Intervention:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday fro 12:05pm – 12:40pm
  • Three groups of seven students (target)
  • Written agreements with students and an actively evolving record
  • Coexistence 101: Expectations:

Coexistence 101: Expectations:

  • Attend each week
  • Beta test for six weeks
  • Assign each student to a specific day

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