1. Diane Binnings: Learning Support Specialist
  2. Tim Bjornstad: Coexistence 101, Exploring Computer Science, WR120.5, WIMTBH
  3. Jennifer Clawson-Haugen: Registrar
  4. Ray Cole: LCC Transition Specialist, River Guide
  5. Joe Coleman: Operations Coordinator
  6. Shae Donnelly: Young Parent Program Supervisor
  7. Rena Dunbar: Language Arts, Restorative Justice, Courageous Conversations
  8. Valerie Falleur: Office Manager
  9. Deron Fort: Director of High School Connections, Lane Community College
  10. Daniel Gallo: Social Studies, Yoga, Philosophy, Drumming
  11. Peter Gallagher: Science
  12. Jennifer Garland-Warren: Counselor, Cohort, Coexistence 101
  13. Malvina Holloway: 4j Blended Learning Coordinator
  14. Scott Hutchinson: Technology Support Specialist
  15. Deborah Johnson: School Nurse
  16. Julia Johnson: Program Referral Coordinator
  17. Jen King: Foundational Math & Learning Specialist
  18. Lee Kounovsky: CTE, Tradeskills Fundamentals, Emergent Technologies, Tiny Homes Program Director, Industry Connections Coordinator
  19. Steve Mayberry: Alternative Programs, Cohort Heart & Soul
  20. Ken Myers: Social Studies, Language Arts, Personalized Learning Presentations Advisor
  21. Brad New: Principal, 4j Associate Director of Secondary Education
  22. Kristin Stone: Advanced Math, Pre-Cohort Coordinator
  23. Tony Satej: Social Studies, Service Learning Coordinator
  24. Jed Shafer: Language Arts, Cohort Style & Substance
  25. Dave Sheehan: Special Education
  26. Johnna Shotridge: Transition Specialist
  27. Brenda Smith: Child Education Assistant
  28. Michael Tedesco: Graduation Coach
  29. Julia Thomas: Lead Child Development Assistant
  30. Shareen Vogel: High School / Lane Community College Liaison
  31. Sheila Waggoner: Instructional Assistant

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